Murray Basin – Rehabilitation

Over the period 2006-2012, Iluka completed mining activities at three sites in the Murray Basin. Rehabilitation requirements and plans are determined for each, site and approved by the Victorian Government before a licence to mine is granted.

Within the Murray Basin, Iluka has successfully returned over 700 hectares  to pasture as well as areas to native vegetation.

December 2005. Agricultural land, pre-mining.

February 2007. Top soil removal (stored for re-use)

February 2010. Overburden back fill after mining

July 2013. Pasture land profile and productive, mixed use agricultural activities re-established

Iluka has been active in developing sustainable post-mining post-mining land uses:
  • at the Echo mine, approval had been provided to leave behind a mine void with steep void batters. Iluka gained a supplementary approval to modify the rehabilitation design to provide gentler batters that could be topsoiled, revegetated and would be trafficable by agricultural machinery. This work has now been completed and the land has been returned to productive pastures; and
  • at Kulwin, approval had been provided to leave behind a modified landform where mine tailing by-products (clay and silt) will be rehabilitated within an elevated tailings storage facility, or a dam. Iluka gained a supplementary approval to return these tailings to the mine pit, enabling improved return of the pre-mining landscape.
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